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Reliable International Transportation

Modern Fleet | Precision | High Quality Personnel

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The key to success is precision and security.

DAVATRANS s.r.o., a young and progressive transporter provides for their clients from Czech Republic and from abroad logistic services throughout the whole European continent. The universal fleet offers maximally effective services with the highest precision and mainly security, which is the key to success in every logistic chain.

The pride of DAVATRANS s.r.o. is a modern, economy and eco-friendly fleet, consisting of truck tractors and trailers meeting the most modern emission norms EURO 6 which allows them to drive to every corner of Europe, including those under emission restrictions. Modern and young composition of the fleet guarantees that all transportation services are reliable and in the combination with experienced personnel also maximally effective.

Focus of the company DAVATRANS s.r.o. is primarily transportation of the industrial sector, automotive sector, food industry but also express transportation with smaller flatbed trucks. Do not hesitate and contact us with your request.

Flotila Volvo FH DAVATRANS
Volvo FH DAVATRANS detail
Volvo FH DAVATRANS detail
Volvo FH DAVATRANS detail
Volvo FH DAVATRANS detail

News from our journeys.

Take a look under the hood of DAVATRANS s.r.o. and be informed about everything that goes on in our company. You can look forward to interesting things from journeys of our colleagues, news of our fleet and interesting things about the logistics industry, to which we always appropriately react. That is the only way we can ensure the highest possible quality of our transportation services.

Snippets from the roads of DAVATRANS s.r.o. drivers


Our company offers to our customers complex transportation services across almost all European union. Our drivers mostly cruise the roads from Romania, Slovakia, Germany to France or even Italy.

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